Smart Home

Combination of different Smart home products, sensors, controller. You can control everything via your APP or voice. What we aim to do is make your home smart, every action would be suitable with your living habit. You can control everything via your APP no matter where you are The system can act different scene mode automatically or you just simply speak to the system, then it will do what you want. Find Us Here

Smart Curtain Motor
You can remote control the curtain via either APP or your remote(optional). Or you can set smart interaction to trigger the curtain motor. For example, when the door is open, the curtains will open automatically.
Smart Lighting
You can set different kinds of Smart Mode such as Party Mode, Reading Mode, Rest Mode and Movie Mode. The brightness or the light color would automatically change as you set.
Smart Media Control
When you start Movie Mode, the light will go to a comfortable range and the TV would automatically turn on, curtains closed, make your room as a personal Cinema. When some one enter, the motion sensor would detect and then turn on the nightlight to show the path
Voice Control
You can use Alexa, Google assistant & Siri to control your devices without the cellphone. Just turn off all the lights in a sleepy night or ask to open the curtain motor in a sunny morning
APP Remote Control
You can control all the devices wherever you are and know all the device status